Your Smart Home will Pamper You while You Sleep

You are fast asleep after completing a huge and challenging project, but you still have to get up, when the AC timer goes off. Would be really annoying, wouldn’t it?

How about having a smart Home to schedule all your devices and take care of the switching while you sleep like a baby?

Enjoy the warm welcome of your Smart Home

Had a long day at work?

Just got done with a long and tiring cricket match?

Travelled all day in the scorching heat?

How about getting home to, your AC already turned on to the perfect temperature, your geyser already warming your water, your TV turned to your favorite channel, and your Stress all taken away?

All this at just a press of a button on your SmartPhone


Experience Comfort like Never Before

Your Home is now at your fingertips, control your lights, fans, ACs, TVs, set top boxes and other home appliances with some simple taps on your smart phone.

Your Smart Home learns your favorite lighting scene, your comfortable AC temperature and lets you adjust your room to suit your needs throughout the day and night