• Polar

The next time you have to look for the remote to switch on your AC, TV, don’t. The Polar is at your service.

Polar is as teensy as a charger, just way smarter. It knows to adjust to your needs, or even your wants.

Experience the warm (we mean cool) welcome of your house when you step in. Pre-cool your home or office from any part of the world, which is in the network coverage area.

Adaptive temperature and humidity control in your air conditioner, will make you want to leave your cozy room, never. Moreso, it can schedule your appliances and hand you the usage statistics as well.

The Polar also controls your TV, Set top boxes, audio systems and any other remote controlled(IR based) devices, It also learns your remotes just incase it isn’t familiar with its operations.

It’s time you upgrade the brains of your appliance and save more than just money.

AC, TV, Set Top boxes, Audio Systems, Any other IR based devices

Save money smartly

Tap your device to its best potential and step down on expenditure

Adaptive scheduling

Your Polar senses the atmosphere and adapts to it to give you the ultimate cozy experience.


You have devices with remotes? That’s all you need for an upgradation.

Simply plug and use

Simply annex Polar and configure it with your phone. That’s it. Plug-and-play!

Learns preferences

Your devices learn your choices and behave well to please you

Pre cool your home/office

Step into the temperature of your choice after a long tiring day

Control from anywhere

From anywhere around the globe, distance isn’t enough to keep your devices out of reach

Experience unbroken sleep

Sleep like a baby with our adaptive temperature control

Technical Specification

Input Voltage: 230V/50Hz
Power Consumption: 1W
Communication Security: 256-bit AES encryption
Connectivity: 802.11.b/g/n WiFi